Barcelona #SearchCongress 2013 cronicle

Once again we SEO people from Barcelona had our own New Year’s Eve: Barcelona Search Congress. It want as good as las year’s. The speeches were even better, but thay almost fumbled the lunch time… again ;)


There was no way to do it otherwise. I just sign up for this new edition of such event that accompanied me since the beginning of my career :’-)

This time the moved the congress about 600 meters from the World Trade Center to the W Hotel. But having all these water on the harbor the actual distance was more than 3 km away.


All speeches were so intense, so fast-paced that there was almot no way to tweet them properly. Fortunately, we had the unexpected collaboration of Fernando Macià and his HumanLevel team to get all details:

And then, lunchtime! Where? You’d better see this poor W Hotel desk girl trying to guide us to the place. Nobody told her where were us SearchCongressers allowed to eat, nor were us. Finally we got to the magnificent Mamarosa Beach. Out of the Hotel, but close enough, tastee food and more than pleasant place with such company:

Cheers to you all. Let’s see you all next SearchCongress!

The sooner the better :).

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