Google Analytics Tips – Conversion Thursday BCN Nov 15th 2012

On November 15 I attended last Barcelona’s Conversion Thursday dedicated to Google Analytics Tips by @ferriolegea, @edubarredo and @oriolfb in the unique Moritz factory . Today I share with you my notes from this event with the video that @conversiont and @agitacionnet posted on Vimeo.

Conversion Thursday Barcelona Noviembre 2012: Trucos Google Analytics from Agitació on Vimeo.

Tips and questions:

  • min 20:20. How to use Real Time Google Analytics as @LaVanguardiaCAT do to decide what content to publish at the home page
  • min 29:40. How the scatter plots help us to explain the data more easily and make decisions
  • min 34:10. How to use GoogleAnalytics shortcuts to save time linking them to customized reports or even URLs (eg Google Trends related to what we measure in the custom report).
  • min 36:30. Tune your report’s layout when the chosen KPI is no numbre but percentile
  • min 37:40. How to see the % of visits by Google Adwords the position
  • min 40:20. How to filter visits by “traffic type” to improve the presentation of direct traffic and social traffic in your reports
  • min 44:00. How to use the “customize” button of any report to build your first customized one.
  • min 46:15. Understanding the relationship entre’nuestras traffic sources with multichannel funnels
  • min 48:00. How to get more information from “Keyword not provided” segment using custom reports
  • min 51:30. Queston from @twittojose about what to measure: conversions or bounce rate
  • min 55:00. News on Google Analytics coming future (+info at
  • min 1:04:00. Question about Google Tag Manager (+info at
  • min 1:07:45. Question about how to segment logged and un logged users
  • min 1:07:45. A/B Tests and how to read them (+info at
  • min 1:11:50. Did you know that we can use Google Analytics to analyze mobile apps? ;)
  • min 1:11:30. Configuring experiments also within Google Analytics
  • min 1:14:00. General calling: Learn Mobile Google Analytics now! :)

Finally, thanks to @conversiont, @agitacionnet, @LosBuscadores, @postgradomkt and @MoritzBarcelona to make this happen.


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