Twitts from Webicultors Manor (october 10th -> october 14th)

Last week twitts:

  • SEO
    • #SEO for Raw Traffic and monetisation: good accessibility and usability, lots of long-tail keyword but less PPC long-tail
    • Factors of a Natural Link Profile, Variations and Common Sense:
  • Social Media
  • SEM
    • Low traffic PPC campaigns? add more languagues and keywords, start a Display campaign
  • Webanalítica
    • Importancia de los móviles en E-commerce: En este blog hemos discutido muchas veces sobre las p…
    • @avinashkaushik: Best Social Media Metrics: Conversation, Amplification, Applause, Economic Value
  • UX
    • Mobile Content: If in Doubt, Leave It Out (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox):
    • How to Conduct a Simple Usability Test – with Kim Krause Berg (6:39) video – by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson:
    • How to make someone leave your website: Too many Ads? there’re always space for more ;)
  • GTD
    • Sembla que http:/ no és TANT compatible amb Pomodoro Technique com em pensava :( #GTD

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