Twitter FAIL: Kenneth Cole + Egypt

Now that Egypt uproar changed to a beginning of political changes I just read about another Community Management fail. Someone just had the big idea: as #Cairo was such a trending topic these days, why don’t take advantage from it to promote my brand (Kenneth Cole)?

This is the fact: just on first (and toughest) days of demonstrations at Tahrir square someone from Kenneth Cole tweeted this:

Captura de pantalla obtinguda per Hubspot

Picture from Hubspot

Quite a bad idea. Almost all people around the world looking at Tahrir Square, with dead and injured people there. And someone from Kenneth Cole make a joke from it.

This is not the first time. Last year it were Habitat taking advantage from these demonstrations at Iran against Ahmadinejad:

I must say that this mistake is quite a surprise coming from such a firm as Kenneth Cole.

Just take a look at this campaign:

Quite fine, isn’t it?

And yes, they published later an apology at Facebook. But quite late for my taste:

I have removed this morning’s tweet. Please see my apology below. -KC

I have removed this morning’s tweet. Please see my apology below. -KC

Finally, I’ve found a closer case. But I feel that it was just a unintentional mistake

Piulada d'en Bisbal abans que la esborrés - (El País)

There's no one around Egypt's piramids. I hope these riots stop soon.

Do you know about another example? En sabeu de cap altre cas? Comment please :)

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