Our GTD routine at Webicultors’ Manor

Self-employment requires perfect control of the time you spend at your business. My current solution is the Pomodoro Technique with tools as focus booster + Nirvana + Toggl.

Being your own boss is just great: no one controls you, you do. But that requires such a disciplined mind that seems reserved for a privileged few.

Since my first days as a Webicultor I’ve tried all kinds of task management tools. But it was a waste of time until I discovered the GTD concept (Get Things Done) and it even got better when I decided to get into Pomodoro Technique.

Strategy: Pomodoro Technique.

  • Split your working hours into 25 minutes blocks. Just don’t allow ANY distraction during them.
  • Rest 5 minutes after each block.
  • Rest 15-30 minutes after 4 blocks in a row.
  • Manage any interruption. Do you work at a fireman squad? no? so ANYTHING can wait for the next half hour.
    • If you have an idea or recieve an email, just take note to check it later and get back to what you were doing.
    • If someone phones you, leave them to your voicemail.


  • focus booster: Maybe the best Pomodoro Technique‘s timer

    • 25 minutes blocks by defaults.
    • 5 minutes breaks that start automatically.
    • But you need another tool to control your long break (15-30min). Not a big deal, by the way.
  • Nirvana: It’s my repository of all pending tasks. I use it for Pomodoro Technique to identify my to do today tasks and i postpone them when necessary.
  • Toggl: Best timer to track the real time you work for each client and project.

    • It’s really helpful thanks to its manual timing feature. You’ll be able to assign the actual time spent at a given task even if you just forgot to start the timer, just be truthful and don’t abuse it ;)

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And how do you organize your tasks?

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