Best way to link Twitter and Facebook

Thanks to Facebook you can share our Status any time, something quite similar to a Tweet. Yes, Tweets and Facebook status changes, are both way yoo alike. But Facebook and Twitter sites, and their users, are way soy different that I’d rather suggest NOT to link them.

You may share your thoughts both at Facebook (Facebook’s Status) and Twitter (Tweet).

  • Facebook’s Status:
    FB status en
  • Tweet:
    Tweet en

They are both so alike that there are many apps to transform your Tweets into Facebook’s Status:

Just follow their installation tutorials if you please. But let me insist that I really don’t recommend it, I really mean it.

I per què? Bàsicament, ens trobam amb que els usuaris de Facebook i els de Twitter no toleren la mateixa quantitat de missatges al dia. És a dir, si publiqueu el mateix a Twitter que al Facebook el més fàcil és que a Facebook us acabin titllant de SPAMers.
You’ll just find that Facebook user doesn’t like the same amount of messages per day as Twitter people do. If you share all your Tweets at Facebook you’ll find easily marked as an SPAMer by your former Facebook friends.

Yes, you may control it via some of these Facebook apps just adding #fb at your last tweet (eg: Selective Tweets).

But this is just the first half of the problem. There’s more stuff to solve: These Facebook users are not just different from Twitter users. They’re just many more at Facebook and most of them doesn’t need to know a single thing about Twitter or its codes:

If you let these Twitter chars appear at your Facebook profile you’ll cause serious confusion among your friends there. And this confusion will easily drive them to just delete you from their Facebook’s friends list.

So, the best way link both Twitter and Facebook is HootSuite. Just check these steps:

  1. Type your message
  2. Select which profiles you want to publish it
  3. Click Send Now
  1. Type your message
Select the profiles where you want to be publish it
Click Send No


This way you’ll be able to control what do you share at each Social Media with just one tool. Just remember this before sharing a Tweet at Facebook:

  1. Avoid any Twitter jargon (#, @, etc.)
  2. Share at Facebook just one half of your tweets, or even less

Next question, please?

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