Mar 02

Barcelona #SearchCongress 2013 cronicle

Once again we SEO people from Barcelona had our own New Year’s Eve: Barcelona Search Congress. It want as good as las year’s. The speeches were even better, but thay almost fumbled the lunch time… again ;)


There was no way to do it otherwise. I just sign up for this new edition of such event that accompanied me since the beginning of my career :’-)

This time the moved the congress about 600 meters from the World Trade Center to the W Hotel. But having all these water on the harbor the actual distance was more than 3 km away.


All speeches were so intense, so fast-paced that there was almot no way to tweet them properly. Fortunately, we had the unexpected collaboration of Fernando Macià and his HumanLevel team to get all details:

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Sep 25

New Twitter dessign: Header picture

Twitter changes its layout again, but this time sort-of-copying Facebook’s header picture. But this change allows us to add some additional space to

Twitter vuelve a cambiarnos el aspecto de Twitter, pero esta vez copiando la foto de cabecera de Facebook. Pero este cambio tiene sus ventajas al proporcionarnos una herramienta adicional para personalizar nuestro perfil de una manera mucha más eficaz que antes.

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Jan 05

How to Sign Out twitter

Update: It’s been months and Twitter has changed its layout. Check How to sign out Twitter (2012) to get an update of this article.

This new Twitter layout is way better then the old one, period. But such change leaves behind some disoriented users.

I mean, there are some plain basic tasks that changed so much with this new layout that some users don’t find how to do it. E.g. Sing out Twitter Continue reading